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The lawyers at Overchuck & Associate, P.A. have extensive experience litigating products liability, wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases. For 40 years, John Overchuck, has represented clients injured by defective and dangerous products, exposure to toxic substances, and many types of negligent conduct.

The firm handles cases in both state and federal courts across the nation and has successfully litigated against large corporations including but not limited to: Honda. Nissan, Ford, GM Chrysler, Cooper Tire, Firestone, Siemens, General Dynamics and Walt Disney World. We are committed to serving our clients and use a team approach to ensure the highest quality of representation and to achieve the best results in each case.

The lawyers at Overchuck & Associate, P.A. will provide a free consultation to discuss the specific facts surrounding your injury and your options under the law. For more information about our lawyers, please see the attorneys biographies.

No Charge to Personal Injury Clients

We do not charge people who call us to ask about a case. We want to try to help our clients. That’s what gives our practice meaning. So, if you have a question, if you had an accident, and someone was injured, and you think that just shouldn’t have happened, call us, and then we’ll tell you if we think that this accident and your injuries that you suffered or your family suffered, could’ve been avoided.

Will I have to pay any money to retain your firm?

There is no retainer, that’s absolutely correct. We will discuss your case with you. In fact, we’ll make initial evaluations, which oftentimes requires us to hire an expert to go and examine the vehicle or various components of the vehicle and, if there is no case, then that is just an expense that we absorb. Our goal is to do two things. It’s to bring justice for the people who have suffered an injustice, but it’s also not to bring frivolous lawsuits. We investigate a case very carefully before we ever file it. And if we investigate a case and find there is no case, well, that’s just simply the cost of doing business.

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