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If you have suffered an injury due to an accident caused by a defective tire, you should contact a Defective Tire Lawyer immediately. Our highly experienced Florida Injury Lawyers handle tire failure cases across the country and would be honored to handle your case too. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case.

Tires are one of the most critical components on a vehicle, if not the most critical. A sudden tire failure can have serious consequences, especially if the failure occurs at highway speeds in a vehicle with a high center of gravity. “Where the tire meets the road” affects the handling, traction, steering, stability and braking of a vehicle.


Defects in a tire can occur in the manufacturing process in which specifications are not met, cost is considered over safety, or the manufacturing plant’s practices are sub-standard. When a tire suddenly explodes, blows out, looses tread, or the tire belt peels off and separates, it may make the vehicle uncontrollable to the driver and, in turn, cause the vehicle to loss control. Tread separations reduce the ability for the driver to control the vehicle. This becomes even more dangerous when the tread separation occurs on a rear tire at highway speeds. Many tire failure situations result in crashes or rollovers, which can seriously injury a vehicle’s occupants and might even result in death.

The personal injury law firm of Overchuck & Associate in Orlando, FL has many years of experience working on tire failure cases, including working on cases involving one of the largest and well-known recalled tires in the nation – the Firestone AT tires manufactured by Firestone for supply to Ford Motor Company as original equipment tires and placed on their Ford Explorers. Call us today if you think you may have a case because of a tire blowout resulting in an accident with substantial injuries.

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